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The menu is no longer restricted to restaurants and food establishments. Today’s menu is everywhere from your favorite spa to the biological caf? next door. Even companies that serve children’s parties have a menu that can include the duration of the party, the range of activities, the choice of jewelry and dishes. After all, the menu is just one way to present all your products and services in one convenient place.

At Printing Manhattan, we offer you many options to create customized menus that meet your specific business needs. Not only do we offer seven different sizes to choose from, but we also accept custom size inquiries for all our print orders. Just choose a bright or uncoated text and enjoy 4 over 4 full colors in front and back. The minimum starts at 50 and counts in thousands.

Before you start buying custom printed menus, here are some things to consider:

For starters, think of it as a salesman. You want your salesperson to be well acquainted with the goods and services you provide to your guests. With this in mind, your menu should not only be informative, but also fun. Remember to use words that provoke all senses (sight, smell, taste and touch) and evoke positive emotions.

The menu is equivalent to a business card.

A well designed and customized print menu should complement the type of restaurant or business you run. For example, fast food chains often use bright color images and simple fonts. A more elegant snack bar can choose exquisite fonts and reduced colours, without food images, for a more minimalist look. It should be noted that to improve print quality, from UV dot to sheet metal lamination, there is a wide range of options that will help you stand out from the rest.

Another important tip to keep in mind is that your printed menu should be an extension of your decoration and your brand. Regardless of whether you write it for the bakery or the salon, everything from the colour of the wall to the decoration should create a feeling of fluidity.

Don’t leave everything to the designer.

If you want to show off your most valuable dishes, goods or services, take an active part in deciding where these items should be put on the menu. Gallup reported that most customers will spend an average of 109 seconds reading one, according to a study by Georgia State University. In short, the client has a short period of time, so first give them what is good.

By identifying the items in which you stand out, you create the best possible conditions for your customers and ensure the recurrence of business. To increase profit, the points awarded must be those with the highest gross profit. By strategically placing goods and services on your menu, you are trying to get each customer to spend the average amount needed to do business.

Print visually appealing menus

Another big tip to bear in mind is that most consumers don’t read the whole menu; most of us just scan them. If you want customers to notice certain dishes or certain services, try blocking them or using a unique design or image to attract readers’ attention.

Stay away from common menu printing errors

Too many details prevent more than help, seduce feelings, but do not burden readers with information. Keep custom menus to a standard size, especially if you’re a small restaurant with a small elbow space. Besides, the big ones can be inconvenient if the space is small. Think about just using them on the bar counter for a “wow” factor. Remember to use your front and back for important business information. The outside is an ideal place to add the store opening hours, phone number and website together with your company name or logo. As mentioned above, play an active role in design to ensure that your business is presented in the best possible way and that your most coveted products and services receive the respect they deserve.

We hope these menu tips for your restaurant, cafe, salon or medical spa will be helpful. At Printing Manhattan we are proud to provide our customers with quality printing products made from the best materials at affordable prices. Our fast turnaround time has made us popular in coast-to-coast business.

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