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Who doesn’t like bookmarks? From the occasional reader to the bibliophile, everyone takes a break from reading and should be able to remember exactly where they stopped. Sometimes they don’t have page markers, so they just put a random piece of paper or a sticker to mark the page. Wouldn’t it be an amazing solution to provide bookmark readers who advertise their business?

Promote your business and keep your brand in the minds of your customers with Manhattan’s professional favourite printing class! Custom printed favorites are the preferred choice for large and small businesses!

Get the readers’ attention every time they sit down with your favorite book! These prints are perfect for all kinds of businesses, libraries, schools and community centers. Manhattan favorites are made of
tough cardboard and include color printing on the front and back with a high gloss UV coating for bright colors and vivid images. Make your mark with the favorite stamp!

Effective and reliable strategy

Why bookmark? Custom bookmarks are an incredibly powerful marketing solution for those who want to sell their publications, services or products. Below we will focus on several reasons why they are a very effective and reliable strategy for promotion and marketing:

Convenient and compact – due to their size, there is no difficulty in distributing them to a large audience. They fit comfortably in your pocket or bag, making them attractive for the future. You can also take them with you to give spontaneously in events. Their convenience makes them a powerful promotional tool!
Economy – Print marketing is an essential component of any successful business, but it can also be expensive. The perfect balance is the dynamic marketing that generates interest in your brand, products or services, keeping your budget. What’s best about custom markers? Your profitability!
Family use – For marketing to be effective, constant interaction with the interested public is essential. People use markers every day, ensuring that they are constantly reminded of their brand. Moreover, potential customers will be inclined to accept them as they are more a gift than a marketing tool.
Creative applications

Bookmarks are very versatile and their creative applications are diverse. Think outside the box. We’ve invented a lot of applications. Look at them:

Party Invitations – Ask guests to “pledge the date” with beautifully designed custom print markers.
Business cards – Don’t forget to include basic contact information such as phone number, website URL and email address in your “business card”. In this way, potential customers will know exactly how to reach you as soon as they are forced by your marketing tool.
Catalogs – Next time you distribute your catalog, include a product page bookmark. They not only highlight the pages you want readers to see, but also provide additional advertising and branding for your company. This is a win-win situation!
Achievement Awards – Are you a teacher or librarian? Create special markers to motivate students, encourage reading or use as a prize for their achievements.
Exhibition and gift sales – Next exhibition or convention? Distribute your brand favorites along with other promotional items. This is a very expensive food with long-term benefits!
Coupons – Do you have a sale in your retail store? Convert markers into redeemable coupons! To get a discount on the selected merchandise, you only need to show them when you leave.
Pamphlets – Rather than creating pamphlets to give up, mark them based on the mission of your non-profit organization and vital information about how people can make donations and volunteer.
Party Service – Your guests will be reminded of your event, be it a wedding, a birthday or a baby shower, long after you have finished with these practical party favors. Give your guests a fascinating holiday from your special event!
Things for the holidays – The custom markers are small enough to fit in your holiday socks. More importantly, they have the potential to produce tangible smiles. Small but powerful!
Fun facts

Bookmarks have a long history in our world. Have you ever wondered where they came from and how they came from? These facts will surprise you!

Did you know that there are indications that bookmarks may have followed the codes since their appearance in the first century A.D., according to the latest research results on the history of bookmarks? WOW!
Did you know that the first existing bookmark dates back to the 6th century AD and is made of ornate leather? This is quite unique! The book marker found in Egypt was attached with a small leather strap to the book cover.
Did you know that the markers used in medieval times often consisted of a strip of parchment attached to the edge of the folio? They definitely stood the test of time!
To exert an influence

Bookmarks are great for verbal conversations, as they attract many more customers. How? Remove your mark! Be creative when drawing! If you are an entrepreneur trying to increase brand awareness, a non-profit organization looking to increase donations, or a person who wants to promote your book, a custom bookmark designed by you can tell your story.

Make a huge contribution by selecting from the Manhattan Print menu the custom print options listed below:

2 standard sizes

Custom sizes are also available

Printed on a variety of durable paper stocks: 16pt to 26pt shiny cover with metal ice pearl for our environmentally friendly 18pt uncoated (100% PCW)

High gloss UV coating

Additional drilling of holes. Select the location of the hole you would like.

Additional rounded corners

Printed in color on one or both sides

Ready in 0-3 days!

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    Exactly what i wanted! Received them really fast and wer better then i expected!

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    If you have any additional concerns, please let us know.

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    This is my second set of products and the color is fabulous and evenly distributed on both sides!Quality and durability!

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    RushFlyerPrinting Rocks!!! You guys are the very best!!!!!!

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    I bought it last month for an exhibition/commercial fair and I’m so glad I bought it last month. Very affordable price!

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