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Need fast advertising for your small business? Simpo A charts allow you to send your message easily and completely, regardless of the weather forecast. Favorites among small business owners across the country, these structures are durable and portable at an affordable price. Small entrepreneurs have become big fans of Simpo A Frame custom posters, because they quickly attract new customers to their establishment.

These simple but powerful advertising signs are a mandatory addition to traditional forms of marketing, such as brochures, postcards, menus and more. They have a two-way display, so pedestrians walking in any direction can read your message.

Let’s see what makes them so popular:


Nothing can stand the test of time like a 100% durable cast plastic paving signal. This custom frame is ideal for outdoor use and will never rust, fade or crumble like metal and wood. Another advantage is that Simpo A Frame has a comfortable handle, folds flat and can be easily packed at the end of a long day. It can be filled with water or sand for extra ballast.


Not only for brick and mortar shops, the individually printed Simpo A Frame paving boards are ideal for retailers visiting fairs and product demonstrations. They are also light and easy to transport and are the favorite among food trucks and street vendors.


Why start a factory when you can be unique and creative with customizable Simpo A Frame posters. With Printing Manhattan, we allow you to create a message and graphics that paint a breathtaking picture for passers-by. Have them come to your shop, restaurant or salon with an agreement they can’t refuse.

All weather conditions

No more worrying about unexpected rain, snow or snow! Our individual Simpo A Frame signal for any weather condition is designed for any day of the year. Another added bonus to buying a plastic sign is that you don’t have to worry about humidity conditions ruining your advertising sign. Our Simpo A Frame paving board allows you to target different customers with the possibility of presenting two unique themes on each side of the board. Take a coffee lover on one side and wrap the candy on the other. You can also display the same progress on both sides of the floor plate.

Throw away your tape, velcro and screws, our custom A frames are made with scissors with flaps to keep your marks firmly in place. The signs are 22″ x 28″ and are made of 4 mm thick corrugated plastic. Our simple fast signal exchange system facilitates input and output signals.

Better use

From the shopping areas of a small town to the streets of large cities, pavement signs have become an indispensable advertising tool for small businesses. There are many ways to use these universal signs. Take a look at some examples:

Restaurants / Caf?s / Bakeries / Delis – Catering establishments usually use Simpo A Frame custom plates to advertise daily meals, specialities, drinks and combination lunches.

The gourmet restaurants have signs on the sidewalks indicating a free valet service for the fans.

Even food trucks and shopping carts use customizable dishes on the board to attract passers-by with appetizing offers.

Halls / spas – for companies specializing in hair, nails and/or skin care, custom signs on the sidewalk are ideal for announcing special offers in manicure / pedicure, haircut and face care or massage.

Car washes / Petrol stations – Get the attention of the drivers who pass with plates offering washing and waxing offers. The filling stations can promote a special price for the oil change. They can even announce discounts on bottled water boxes and soft drinks.

Realtors – Most real estate agents use framed signs to advertise an open house, but they are also often located outside your office, inviting potential real estate owners in and asking about the ad.

Dealers / boutiques – whether selling high-end clothing, home furnishings, jewelry or footwear and accessories, Simpo A Frame signs with their individual call to action and vivid colours are ideal for sales ads, showcases and holiday sales.

Parking – There is no shortage of parking spaces in American cities. For this reason, most of them use floor slabs as a way to beat the price of the competition.

Organic / Gourmet Markets – Individually designed sidewalk signs help markets list their signature products and fresh products to pass as gourmets.

Internal Shopping Centres – Sidewalk signs are also a valuable marketing tool for shopping centre retailers trying to beat the competition. You can also find them in the food court.

No matter what kind of business you’re in, Simpo A Frame custom print advertising gives you the flexibility to use your signage at your convenience. Its affordable price allows you to purchase several signals, each of which announces its own share. Just change them during the year as the seasons change. For example, pack your hot cocoa dish and choose to advertise cold coffee and other cold drinks for warmer weather.

From coast to coast, we are confident that our line of outdoor sidewalk signs, such as Simpo A Frame, will give our customers many years of results. Not only are they strong enough to resist Mother Nature, but they are also light and easy to transport when time demands travel.

For more information about our Simpo A Frame custom paving boards, please call 718-932-2700 and speak to an experienced member of our customer support team. We are also available by email at support@Printing Manhattan. We look forward to working with you.

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  1. SLanshe88
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    The printers were sure to reformat my design to make sure it would print the way I wanted it to, along with printing a good amount of extra ones for FREE since they were backed up on orders. Top notch!

  2. bob20163
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    I ordered two different sizedfor a custom designed bat mitzvah ceremony and party invite. Amazing quality. Great price. Received about 12 days after ordering.

  3. dustangel4109
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    We love it. Even a photo taken on a phone turned out great. It took us a little while to figure out how to get the pole back into the case but I think we got it.

  4. joyjumper
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    No hassle. Great work. Everyone loves them. And the price. You guys have a loyal customer!

  5. nbc0711
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Great color and very durable. They stick to surfaces very well

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