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Paper is a fragile material that can form cracks when folded. To avoid cracks, a clean crease is added to the paper to facilitate folding. That’s called a paper count. It is mainly a comb added on paper, where the curve is designed to fold. It is usually made with a straight and blunt metal object. Creates a hinge that makes it easier to fold the paper.

The score helps to improve the appearance of the paper as there are no more irregular cracks along the fold. This also helps the paper last longer, since the fold is permanent. The score works well when used with thicker cards. Thin paper requires no counting, and a normal fold will do.

Online and offline scoring

There are two ways to perform scoring operations. This can be done during the printing operation (offline marking) or separately after the printing process is completed (offline marking). The main difference is that offline scoring often produces better and more desirable results and is ideal for short races. But if you need to print a large amount of beer, we recommend the use of an integrated scoring system.

Printing Manhattan offers scoring solutions for your printing project. We always strive to provide high quality products for our customers. We constantly strive to make it as convenient as possible for our customers to print with us. Our employees are always happy to help and are experts in solving any printing related problem. We use only the latest equipment and modern technologies to complete the printing project.

In addition to printing club flyers, we specialize in offering many other printing solutions such as banners, brochures, business cards, signs, T-shirts, packaging and more. At the same time, we also specialize in providing printing services such as riot printing, screen printing, vinyl printing, large format printing, binding, postal services and graphic design support. We offer the same same-day printing service in New York, with same-day pickup for Long Island and New Jersey customers. Contact us today for wholesale printing solutions.

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