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Direct Mail Postcards

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Direct Mail Postcard Printing Services

Direct mail postcards are an effective and time-tested form of communication with customers. Your marketing strategy can use this highly targeted method to immediately draw your attention to potential customers. At Printing Manhattan we offer high quality direct mail postcards print services as well as fast and affordable mailing to your customers. We offer three mail programs that allow you to customize your messaging system and destination area.

Standard Mail Program: Just select the number to print and your target location and let us do the rest. We’ll make sure your prints are of the highest quality. We will send your postcards weekly to ensure a steady flow of customers throughout the year.

Birthday program: We will buy the appropriate birthday list for your business. All you have to do is pick a target radius. Our graphic designers will help you create custom maps that promote and reinforce your brand loyalty.

New Neighborhood Program: Ideal for restaurants, local shops, landscapers and domestic services, this program will help you reach people who have just moved into the area. Simply select your destination area and select your budget. We will develop a postcard that will attract new customers to your business and help you earn their loyalty.

What is direct mail postcard marketing?

What is direct mail marketing? Direct mail marketing is the production and sending of advertising materials by mail. It involves researching the audience, making lists and more. Direct mail is available in several formats and usually includes an offer. It is not a form of marketing that is requested by the customer; they are receiving this ad “cold”.

Who uses direct mail marketing?

Companies and organisations in various industries use direct mail marketing. Restaurants, grocery stores and car dealers send menus, coupons and promotions. Politicians, charities and non-profit groups send out donation letters, brochures and promotional cards. Even technology companies use direct marketing to achieve their goals. Any business that sells a product or service is a good candidate for a direct mail campaign.

Does Direct Mail work?

It’s working! The increasing trend in response rates over the years shows the effectiveness of direct mail. According to the DMA 2018 response rate report, Direct Mail has received an impressive 9% (home lists) and 5% (prospect lists). The response rate for direct mail is higher than for all digital advertising combined. You can learn more about how amazing direct mail is in our article “Is Direct Mail Dead?” and infographics.

How to send direct mail postcards

There are two main ways of sending direct mail: shared mail and separate mail. Shared mail is when advertisers share space with other companies in the same mail. Off-line mail is when advertising is their own part of the mail.

General Post

General Post (also known as standard mail) is direct mail marketing where advertisers share space. Pre-defined mail areas make a separate mailing list unnecessary. Advertisers share the cost of postage. Both make joint mail very profitable, sometimes even a few cents per family. There are several options for the size and placement of your lists in shared mail. You can choose a full-page ad like a circular or flyer in an envelope with other offers.

– Low cost
– Wide coverage, as they are distributed among everyone in a given area.
– Your ad with dozens of other ads
– You’ll probably appear alongside your direct competitors.
– No customization options.
– Lowest response speed
– Is sent to predefined mail areas according to specified times

Offline Mail

Off-line mail is everything that is not grouped with other ads. Off-line mail costs more than shared mail because you pay for everything. In most cases, offline mail requires you to provide or purchase your mailing list. Offline mail is how you send direct mail postcards. You can also use it to send postcards and mail envelopes. There are endless possibilities for formatting and presenting direct mail offline. As long as you meet certain USPS size requirements, the only limit to being creative is your budget.

– Individual communication with the recipient
– Numerous format and presentation options
– Target audience based on demographic, geographic, psychographic data, etc.
– Higher response rates

– More expensive than general mail

Direct mailing lists

Now you know what direct mail is and what it looks like, but how does it end up in people’s mailboxes? Shared mail is understandable. No mailing list is necessary. Choose from a list of available and predefined mail areas on your ISP. For your own mail, you need to decide who you want to send the mail to and then get a mailing list. Below we will see two main types of mailing lists.

Once you decide who to send it to, you will have a better idea of the delivery options available. While you can send direct mail via FedEx or UPS, most are sent via USPS. But you can use FedEx or UPS if you’re spending the night with a package or dimensional mail program.

Types of mailing lists

You need to decide who you want to contact before you send your campaigns. We have included the USPS delivery options available, depending on the type of mailing list below.

Saturation mailing lists

If you want to reach most people in a geographic area, select the saturation list. With this type of mailing list, you will send mail to entire postal codes or carrier routes. Saturation lists have several addressing options, so the cost is low. Saturation mailing lists should be in running order and respond to a 90/75 rule that helps keep costs down. You can rent a saturation list from a broker or list provider.

Advantages of Saturation Lists
– Allows you to use the lowest postal tariffs
– Ideal for companies that offer the goods and services that most people need.
– Use the average demographic data for your postal routes.
– Ideal for attracting large crowds and advertising events, new places or products.
– USPS delivery options for mail saturation
– Marketing Mail
– All Direct Mail® (EDDM®)

Targeted Address Lists

If you want to reach specific demographics, select a destination mailing list. These lists can be filtered by geographic, demographic and psychological characteristics, among others. Since the target list uses selection to find the right audience, this costs more than a saturation list. You can rent a target list from a broker or list provider. You can also create and update your own mailing list.

Advantages of target mailing lists
– Ability to segment the list according to almost any criteria you can imagine.
– Reaches a more specific and qualified audience
– Better potential response speed than using a saturation list for the same marketing.
– USPS delivery parameters for sending addresses
– First class / Priority Mail

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