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Brochures for Marketing

Brochures are like your business cards – they represent your company in the eyes of your customers and contain basic information about your brand, values, corporate identity and products in a concise and concise manner. Thus, an attractive brochure is an excellent advertisement for you and your business that can attract customers and potential business partners. It is also an effective way to present new products, their features and specifications in an organized and attractive way.

Manhattan Printing offers you a fast digital printing service when it comes to printing different types of brochures. You can print a wide variety of products from single and multiple brochures to spiral-bound, saddle-stitched and bound brochures.

If no template meets your needs, we can create an individual form especially for you! This is guaranteed by our team of talented designers. Just let us know your expectations and requirements, and we will provide them to you!

We print on modern digital printing machines that provide high print quality and excellent performance in a short period of time. Here in Manhattan Booklet Printing is cheap, fast and time saving. If you are in a hurry, place an urgent order and receive printed booklets the next day! We also serve clients from New York, Long Island and New Jersey.

What is a brochure?

A brochure is an information document for advertising that can be folded into a template, pamphlet or leaflet. Brochures are advertising documents used mainly to get to know the company, organization, products or services, as well as to inform potential customers or the public about the benefits. They are usually distributed inside newspapers, distributed personally or placed on brochure shelves in high traffic areas.

What are brochures used for?

The main purpose of the brochure is to broaden the reader’s knowledge on a specific topic, with the brochure at its center. A good brochure can help attract the attention of potential customers, is cheaper and more convenient in your pocket than advertising products in magazines and newspapers. In addition, brochures can be saved for future use rather than discarded after a reading.

Types of brochures

The brochure has many different types, and each type has its own role. Due to its format and layout, it can be divided into the following 4 types.

Gate-Fold Brochures
This is a rather unusual brochure due to its high cost, which has a great impact when used correctly. The foldable internal design makes it easy to transport and the quality of the paper is very high so readers can store it for a long period of time.

Bi-fold brochures
The Bi-Fold brochure meets with us every day. It is one of the most popular and widely used types of brochures, while having a more formal layout than three-tier brochures. It is mainly used for catalogs and product presentations, exhibitions and corporate meetings, etc.

Tri-fold Brochures
It’s easy to tell it’s a three-fold pamphlet according to your name. And it’s a pretty common brochure you can see everywhere. This brochure has enough space for designers to present interesting information and design, thus attracting more attention from the reader.

The Z-fold brochure
Z-Fold is essentially a folding brochure, thanks to its versatility, which is an excellent option for folding brochures. Designers can divide each element by making each panel separately, or they can design the brochure so that it opens onto the entire screen with a large, dramatic photo.

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