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Custom Printed Notepads

Custom printed notepads are an excellent tool that can be used to promote your brand at conferences, trade events or even in your own offices. Customized notepads are a great way to bring your brand to the front line of your target audience. With a custom logo or some other branding element on your notepad there is a long way to create brand value in the user’s mind. A personal notepad not only works perfectly in a business environment, but can also be a great gift for your family and friends. A notepad with an individual stamp will undoubtedly create a long-term impression in the minds of your customers, so it is essential that you have an experienced partner who understands your needs and meets your expectations.

At Printing Manhattan we specialize in custom notepad printing. We use only 70 pounds of high quality uncoated paper. We can print notepads of up to 50. Choose a custom notepad from our templates or simply give us your work of art and we will do your work as quickly as possible. Printing Manhattan understands the fast pace at which New York companies operate. That is why we are constantly working to make your printing experience with us as convenient and free as possible. We constantly challenge ourselves to reach new levels of quality. We use only the latest technology and modern equipment to complete your printing project. We even offer solutions for some of our products on the same day together with the store on the same day of collection for our Manhattan, Long Island and New Jersey customers.

Benefits of custom printed notepads

Promote your business in a practical way with these personalized and unilateral notepads. Each notepad comes with 50 sheets of beautiful paper. Custom notepad are not only an excellent way to take notes during meetings, but also to make your brand more memorable for new and existing customers.

– One side with a soft back cover.
– Excellent gift for new and existing customers.
– A wide range of sizes to suit your needs and advertising style.
– Smaller sizes offer a portable promotional product for taking notes on the move.
– Larger sizes offer greater capacity for more notes.
– Pages are glued together to hold your pages together and allow them to be easily ripped.

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