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Vinyl Wraps for Cars

Vinyl packaging for the sale, maintenance and repair of your car is a very effective way to distribute your brand message. These vinyl wraps for cars have repeatedly proved to be the most effective form of advertising available to companies of all types. This type of advertising reaches more customers than most other forms of advertising throughout the year. Vinyl car wraps are not only memorable, but also highly profitable because, unlike other forms of outdoor advertising, they have no recurring costs. A vinyl wrap is an incredible way to turn your head when your car is on the road.

Vinyl packaging, unlike other forms of advertising such as radio advertising, is not aggressive and attracts the attention of the audience without interference or distraction. Clients tend to respond better to advertising that does not take a “in your face” approach. These vinyl packages are of unique design, and beautiful images make your car’s attention catch and send your message to a wide audience. Vehicle advertising is great if you want to focus on the local market. People around your business will see your car become very involved, increasing the capacity to generate lead. These casings not only make your car attractive, but also provide an additional level of protection.

At Printing Manhattan we offer complete vinyl packaging for cars, trucks and buses. Our highly qualified staff can wrap your car in vinyl perfectly and without any inconvenience. Just contact us about any matter related to the seal. We’re always happy to help. We use only high quality materials and modern equipment to offer high quality packaging for automotive vinyl. Our specialty is club flyer printing, but we also provide a wide range of printing and related services such as banner printing, signage printing, poster printing, business card printing, firing, UV spotted coating, graphic lamination design support and more. We offer wholesale prices for our printing products. We offer Same Day Printing for clients in New York and can provide Same Day Shop pick up for our clients in Long Island and New Jersey. Contact us today for high quality car packaging.

What is vinyl wrapping?

Vinyl wrapping is a series of vinyl stickers that are glued to a car’s body panel, allowing you to radically change the car’s appearance. Design options include standard bright color, gradients, matt finish, chrome metal colors and full graphic processing. The only limitations are your imagination and your budget.

The packaging differs from the paintwork in that the decals can be removed at a later date without affecting the existing paint, as long as the packaging has been stored correctly. Learn more about this later.

Why should you vinyl wrap your car?

If you have a favourite color that is not available as an option from the factory, wrapping the car can be a solution. Perhaps you are tired of the color of your current rental car and want to change the pace? You can wrap it, drive it for a while with the new color and then take it out before the end of the rental period. Finally, many companies wrap company cars to serve as mobile advertising.

What condition should my car be in?

Don’t expect the wrapper to serve as a cover for old or bad paint. Although you can’t see when the car is wrapped, the paint must be in good condition, otherwise the wrapping will be a mess. If the car has scratches and bells, they will be absolutely visible. The imperfections under the casing will always appear on the surface. If the old paint starts peeling, the decals will be hard to fix. We recommend that you repair scratches and dents before wrapping your car.

How are vinyl car wraps installed?

We can come to you for vehicle wrapping and install right at your work or home. First, the car is washed and detailed with a clay bar to remove any dirt from the paint surface. We then use isopropyl alcohol solution to clean the paint and then blow the remaining dirt particles out with compressed air.

We then remove the bumpers, headlights and tail lights so that our installer can apply the wrapping film as close as possible to the edges of the body panels. If you don’t feel comfortable with us dismantling your car, we can skip this step and instead use a scalpel to cut the vinyl around the lamps and grills.

We then apply the vinyl wrapping to the body of the car. Using a heat gun to make the material more flexible so that it can embrace the contours of the car correctly. Some of the more advanced packaging designs, such as the use of custom graphics or colors, will require additional layers of vinyl. Finally, we use soft compressed felt to remove any air pockets. Depending on the level of detail in the design, the process can take a few hours or several days. It will take longer if you want the stops (the inside of the doors, painted in body color) to match each other.

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