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A catalog can be much more than just a tool for distributing product information. A quality printed catalog itself can represent your business and your brand. Your exclusive printed catalog can interest your customers and help you stand out from the crowd. With the right printing partner, you can ensure that your catalog is memorable and unique. Look no further than Printing Manhattan to impress your customers with high-quality catalog printing services using state-of-the-art digital & offset printing presses to ensure fast results with reliable quality.

At Printing Manhattan we offer catalog printing as well as a range of binding options such as perfect binding, saddle stitching, yarn and wired binding. Our high quality card stock ensures that your catalog will look impressive and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Our offset printing capabilities will ensure consistent and efficient printing of your printing project.

The ability to print as quickly as possible ensures that your catalogs are printed on time. We use the latest innovations in printing, which allows us to print quality products consistently. Besides printing through catalogues, we offer many other printing services such as banners, posters, brochures, leaflets, poster printing, packaging printing, t-shirt printing and much more. We even offer printing services such as large format printing, vinyl banners, pressure cutting, sheet printing, embossing, silk-screen printing, graphic design support and postal services. We are constantly improving to provide excellent service to our customers.

At Printing Manhattan we strive to provide our customers with free print support. Our same day printing capabilities and wholesale prices guarantee you the best quality/price ratio. We go to all 48 continental states of the United States. Contact us for high quality printing services with fast delivery times in New York today.

The printed catalog remains one of the best sales tools in the world

These paper publications have many advantages:

Permanent brand exposure
A catalog is a physical object that is usually stored at a table or desk to be easily accessible. Its comfortable, familiar presence keeps your brand in constant contact with your customers (one of the basic principles of advertising is, in fact, to put your brand on display).

Ease of use
A printed catalog is always available and is easy to consult with people of all ages. For a better understanding, we should compare it with your digital alternative. Let’s think about how to search for a product in an online catalogue. First, you need a good Internet connection. Then you need to find the document you need. If you’re lucky, there’s a TOC navigation, so you can go to the right page with one click; otherwise, you have to scroll through it manually until you find the product you’re looking for.

Have you ever tried to see a catalog on your iPad, maybe while talking to a customer? If you click on the wrong page, you’ll easily reach another page. If you need to examine a detail, you should zoom in at the risk of clicking an unintentional button.

Quick Search
The printed catalog allows you to insert a bookmark anywhere, so you can easily return to the page you want to consult in a few seconds.

Printing your catalogs

Now that we’ve learned how to make a catalog, let’s move on to printing. Finding a good printer is relatively easy, but to find the right printer, you need to review the price. From a practical point of view, the printer is often the last line of defense before documents go to print.

Especially if you’re creating your first catalog, or if you’ve partnered with an agency or experienced professional, don’t be stingy in printing. If you can find a good printer, someone who can help you in difficult or unexpected situations, keep it close. The printing process is complicated, and there are thousands of variables to deal with in order to do everything right. Don’t push the printer when it comes to timing, as you run the risk of running it in a hurry, like drying ink or binding glue. You may force some processes, but you run the risk of unpleasant surprises.

The cost of printing depends on many variables, for example:

  • Number of copies to print
  • Number of pages in the catalog
  • Paper quality
  • Special treatments, binding etc

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