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Business Card Printing Near Me

Looking for high quality business cards printing near me? We’re conveniently located in Manhattan, with extra pickup locations in Brooklyn and SoHo. We offer a range of business card printing solutions that will help you stand out from the crowd. Our visiting cards are printed in standard sizes and in a number of quality finishes. The vast array of card stock and printing options that we offer are sure to satisfy any need. We specialize in creating custom business cards and our team of experienced designers is here to help you design a unique card that will help you stand out from the crowd.

It has been a long standing tradition to exchange business cards at corporate events and when networking with your peers. These small cards quickly tell your clients who you are, what you do and how they can contact you. A beautifully printed visiting card will not only help your brand but also say a lot about your business and products. This is why a custom printed business card is always important to make an impactful first impression.

At Printing Manhattan we specialize in providing quality business card printing solutions. We only use the highest quality paper stock to ensure that your visiting cards are beautiful and will make an immediate impact on your peers. The use of state of the art technology for printing always ensures that your printing project is finished on time and at affordable wholesale price. Apart from business card printing, we also provide banner printing services, brochure printing services, sign printing services, packaging printing, menu card printing, other office stationery printing and much more. We also offer related printing services like bunting, silkscreen printing, die cutting, large format printing, foil stamping, embossing, mailing service and graphic design support.

Printing Manhattan strives toward providing our customers with a superior experience with us. Our aim is to provide a hassle free service with the best possible support. We also offer shipping to all 48 continental US states.ÿ Get in touch with us today for professional, same day printing solutions for your business.

What is a business card?

Business cards have traditionally been the main means by which entrepreneurs present their contact information to other entrepreneurs and potential customers or clients. Even in the digital age, business cards are flourishing, and in countries like China and Japan, exchanging business cards is almost a ritual. Business cards provide a more tangible way to communicate who you are and what you do, making them one of the most effective direct marketing tools. Having a business card ready to show to others if necessary demonstrates a higher level of professionalism.

What is the business card size?

The US Standard business card size is 3×2″ rectangle, which is universally accepted around the world to be the right size to fit in to a standard money wallet pocket. Business cards are typically available in a wide range of sizes now, although the creative individual design of the card has been made using different materials such as wood, plastic, metal and fabric. The front side of a business card usually has one:

– Company logo (can be anywhere on the card) and company name.
– A slogan or indication of the services or products provided by the company.
– The name of the entrepreneur in the centre of the card, followed by any degree, diploma or trade name of the company, in abbreviated form. The name indicates the position, e.g. director, manager, etc.
– The business address, telephone number(s), fax number(s) and e-mail address(es) are usually located in the bottom left or right corner.
– URL of the site (must be visible if the business is primarily Internet-based, otherwise it may be included in the address block)
The back of business cards is usually (but not always) empty. For example, if you are traveling abroad on a business trip, it is advisable to translate one side of the business card into a language appropriate to the country you are visiting. (When showing these business cards, you should show them to the recipient so that the recipient’s language is facing up.)

How to present or exchange a business card

Business cards are usually presented by one person to another during a personal exchange, although they can also be attached to invoices and thank-you cards, or even attached to a vehicle in a business card holder, so that passers-by can help themselves if they are interested in a service or product advertised in the vehicle. The cards can also be left in various locations, such as shopping malls, recreational areas, public notice boards, ATMs and other places where people gather. You can also ask local businesses if they can leave a pile of cards on the counter.

If you exchange business cards in person, you can exchange them at the beginning or end of a conversation. When you receive a card, you should always look at the card and comment on it before removing it – it is advisable for the business card holder to have it. Stuffing business cards in your pockets is a bad way to go.

The history of the business card

Business cards first appeared in England during the 17th century. They were used both as advertising and address cards (maps), as there was no official street numbering system in London at the time.

In the 1870s, the popularity of the card made it one of the most common advertising formats. It was placed in offices, shops in general, hotels, railway stations and restaurants, and vendors helped shopkeepers in advertising counters and shop windows with the help of business cards and large-format cards. Advances in lithography at the time enabled people to use colorful creations so colorful that they even used them as home décor. The front side of the business card consists of the company name, or sometimes the name of one of the company’s products, with a visually appealing illustration or design to attract a buyer, and the back of the card was filled with company details – statistics, product benefits, order details, company location, and contact information – anything that might have attracted a buyer and allowed them to buy the product.

Best Business Card Printing

Today business cards are still used as advertising as well as a convenient way to provide contact information about the company. The best business card printing techniques can be duplicated to other products, for example in the form of brochures, flyers or greeting cards. Really, a business card is just another advertising medium; it’s more common to be used as a name/address card for an individual or business, but there’s no reason the savvy designer can’t turn a business card in to a promotional flyer or marketing material. We aim to provide the best business car printing service in New York City, with years of experience printing all sorts of cards including luxury business cards like metal, wood and plastic. Try our services today, you won’t be disappointed!

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