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Large Format Printers New York City

Large format printing is the method to get your message across in the boldest possible way! From banners to billboards, posters and roll-ups, these impressive marketing tools will engage your audience perfectly. Commonly used for conferences, outdoor events, storefronts and outdoor marketing, large format printing is an ideal channel to draw attention to your business. These types of prints can also be great for decorating your office. But you’ll need a partner that knows their way around a wide format printer. With over 15 years experience we’re the large format printers you’ve been looking for in Manhattan. We work hand-in-hand with individuals, businesses, agencies and media buyers to print same day large format printing jobs ready for application through New York.

Our signage prints are the perfect way to get your advertising message to your customers. These large print formats we create will undoubtedly draw a lot of attention to your business and products at conferences and exhibitions. We even offer dry erase signs that are perfect for sending messages to colleagues in your office or even for tracking and skipping instructions about a project your team is working on. We can also prepare dry erase prints so that a photograph or any other work of art can be printed on them.

Printing Manhattan are specialist large format printers offering quality solutions for your business. The use of high-quality materials combined with modern technology ensures that the quality of your printing project will not be affected. We offer same day wholesale pricing and printing services to ensure your project is completed efficiently. We offer many printing services such as printing banners, plates, business cards, hangers and much more. In addition to large format printing, we offer other related printing services such as die-cutting, crimping, screen printing, sheet printing, postal services and graphic design support.

What is large format printing?

Large format printing, sometimes referred to as wide format printing, is a type of printing process using special digital printers. Similar to a regular digital inkjet printer, but on a much larger scale, these special large format printers are designed to apply inks to a variety of outdoor surfaces such as vinyl, wood, plastic, metal and substrates. Large format printing typically includes items such as banners, billboards, posters, signs, backdrops and window decals. As the majority of large format printing products reside outside, special waterproof / weatherproof materials are used, such as vinyl banners, to keep the image looking crisp and bright regardless of the weather.

How does it work?

The large format printing machines we use here today are a relatively new technology. Before they were invented, the creation of precision large format prints required a huge amount of manual work. We had to define colors, position each print design manually and then clean down the printer between runs. Ultra-large prints also had to be printed in separate pieces and stapled together in to the final project. It was a lot of work!

Even today, many small (but still large) prints are still needed to combine some XL billboards. However, the invention of modern large format printing machines has greatly facilitated the production process. For example, we no longer need to manually clean the printer between its use and manual job setup. Of course, this has had a great impact on total production time as well as individual unit cost (CPU), but it speeds up the process for us. Modern digital printers also do all the work to setup the artwork and choose the right colors. Speeding up the setup time allows us to provide same day printing solutions on many of our large format products.

What can I do with large format printing?

Large format printers are usually physically larger than their predecessors, which means they can print images of different sizes. Popular products are billboard wall graphics, architectural plans or exhibition booth graphics. In addition to plain paper, they can also print on many different surfaces such as cardboard, canvas, mesh and vinyl. As the color is usually sprayed on the surface, it also allows to add some texture to the print by applying additional layers.

What to pay attention to when printing large format

There are some things to consider when setting up files for large format printing. The first thing to ask is: where will your print be seen? If you are making a wall that is viewed from a relatively short distance, you want to make sure it is detailed enough. For this type of print, a resolution of 300 dpi should be sufficient.

A common misconception is that a larger print requires a higher resolution, but the opposite may be true for a large format print. If you have a 300 dpi file, and your printout is viewed from a greater distance, you should actually reduce the image resolution. Depending on your file and planned production, this can mean a reduction of up to 100 dpi or less. This can help save the file size for easy processing, while creating an impressive remote viewing experience.

The possibilities for large format printing are almost unlimited, the only general rule is that the further away the print is from the viewer, the more points there should be, and vice versa. So, are you ready to think on a large scale? Contact us today for all your large format needs!

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