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Wheatpasting NYC

Discover the urban art of wheatpasting and how our services can elevate your brand in New York and all major US markets! Wheatpasting campaigns are the time-held method of glueing large posters with wheat paste glue to walls, barricades, posts, bins and fences all over the city; often with large groups of repetitive poster layouts, it is one of the most dynamic and eye-catching forms of marketing at a fraction of the cost of billboards and often with more impact.

Walked around New York recently? Chances are you have passed many of our wheatpaste posters on walls and construction fences around the city. We manage campaigns for small business owners, restaurants and bars right up to big brands like Nike, Disney, Netflix and Strava. Since we print our posters in-house at our printing facility in Manhattan, we can keep the costs down compared to other wild marketing and posting services. In fact, talk to our expert sales team today about your next wheatpaste campaign and see how we do on price – we won’t be beaten!

What is Wheatpasting?

Wheatpasting is a street art technique that involves adhering paper or posters to outdoor surfaces, typically using a mixture of wheat flour and water as an adhesive. It is a form of advertising as it allows individuals or businesses to promote their messages, products, or events in public spaces. By strategically placing eye-catching wheatpasted artworks in high-traffic areas, it captures the attention of passersby, effectively conveying promotional content and engaging with the urban audience. Wheatpasting acts as a visually compelling medium for advertising, enabling brands or individuals to reach a broader audience beyond traditional marketing channels.

Brands can benefit from wheatpasting campaigns in several ways:

Increased Visibility: Wheatpasting allows brands to capture the attention of a wide audience in urban environments. By strategically placing wheatpasted artworks in high-traffic areas, brands can significantly increase their visibility and exposure.

Unique and Memorable Branding: Wheatpasting offers a distinctive and creative way to showcase a brand’s identity. The visually captivating nature of wheatpasting can create a memorable impression, helping the brand stand out from competitors and leave a lasting impact on viewers.

Targeted Audience Engagement: By carefully selecting locations for wheatpasting campaigns, brands can target specific demographics or reach a local audience. Placing artworks in areas relevant to the brand’s target market increases the chances of engaging with the right audience and generating interest in their products or services.

Amplified Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Eye-catching and thought-provoking wheatpasting designs have the potential to spark conversations and generate buzz among people who encounter them. This organic word-of-mouth marketing can lead to increased brand awareness and generate curiosity among consumers, ultimately driving more interest and potential customers.

Cost-Effective Advertising: Wheatpasting can be a cost-effective advertising strategy compared to traditional advertising mediums. The materials for wheatpasting are relatively inexpensive, and the ability to target specific locations can help optimize the brand’s marketing budget.

Integration with Digital Marketing: Wheatpasting campaigns can be seamlessly integrated with digital marketing efforts. Brands can create online buzz and share the wheatpasting artworks through social media, blogs, or influencer collaborations, amplifying the reach and impact of the campaign.

Artistic Collaboration and Community Involvement: Collaborating with local artists or engaging with the artistic community for wheatpasting campaigns can foster a sense of community involvement and support for the brand. This can help create a positive brand image and enhance the brand’s connection with the local culture.

Wheatpasting campaigns offer brands a unique opportunity to create visually striking, location-specific advertising that captures attention, generates buzz, and promotes engagement with their target audience.

What sized posters are used for wheat paste campaigns?

The size of posters used for wheatpasting campaigns can vary depending on the specific campaign objectives and the desired visual impact. However, common poster sizes for wheatpasting typically range from small to large formats. Here are some commonly used poster sizes for our wheatpasting campaigns:

Small Posters: Small posters, typically measuring around 11×17 inches (28 cm by 43 cm) or smaller, can be effective for targeted wheatpasting campaigns in specific locations. They are often used for localized promotions or in areas with limited space for larger artwork.

Medium Posters: Medium-sized posters, such as our popular 18×24 100lb paper poster, offer a balance between visibility and manageability. They are versatile and can be effectively wheatpasted in various urban environments, attracting attention while still being relatively easy to handle and install.

Large Posters: Large-format posters, ranging from 24×48 and 48×72 and beyond, are impactful for wheatpasting campaigns that aim to create a significant visual presence. These larger posters are ideal for high-traffic areas or when a bold, attention-grabbing statement is desired.

It’s important to note that local regulations and permissions may dictate the maximum size allowed for wheatpasting in certain areas. It’s always advisable to adhere to local guidelines and seek appropriate permissions before conducting any wheatpasting campaign.

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For over 20 years we’ve been servicing New York, NY and USA wide with the finest quality large format printing and posters. Over the past 7 years we’ve built a team to offer wild marketing services and wheatpasting campaigns across New York.

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