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What is Duplexing?

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Duplexing Services Manhattan

Duplexing is the method of joining two sheets of paper together using adhesive to create a thicker sheet. For example, by gluing two sheets of 100 pounds, the duplex effect creates a thicker, better quality paper of 200 pounds. This allows you to create a one-of-a-kind paper in any color combination or thickness that you like. One of the reasons this is done is to avoid an impression showing on the other side. This way, letterpress effects like embossing or debossing will not leave marks on the far side of the paper. The glue we use is strong and of high quality so that the paper never separates or falls apart.

Advantages of duplexing

The duplex method has many advantages:

– Prints do not appear all the way to the other side
– You can use heavy prints on both sides of the paper and not have them all the way to the other side
– You can use two different colors of paper on both sides
– You can make the paper thicker than what is produced in the paper mill

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