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Nothing screams like the tinfoil stamp. This is sometimes called hot foil stamping and uses heat and pressure to apply thin sheet of metal to printed media such as paper, plates or plastics. This method is often combined with relief engraving to give a unique three-dimensional effect to printed publications. This gives the printed media a three-dimensional effect, along with brightness and a unique look. This is why this finish has become so popular and preferred by customers in most industries.

Foil stamping is known as the dry printing method because no ink is used for this process. In the stamping process, instead of traditional paints and plates, special metal, heat and aluminum foil plates are used. The sculptural plates touch the surface and the thin sheet is transferred to it. The metal plate is then heated and the foil glues to the printed surface, creating a unique and elegant design.

The use of foil stamps in your printing job makes you more attentive and improves your brand perception. You can use it in a variety of media and paper products. It is ideal for corporate reports, packaging, presentation folders, flyers, invitations, forms, greeting cards and more.

At Printing Manhattan we are constantly working to make the printing process as convenient as possible for our customers. With this in mind, our staff is extremely helpful and will be ready to handle any print request you may have. We use the most modern machines and only the latest technology to offer high quality printing and finishing solutions. Contact us for same-day printing in New York and same-day collection from Long Island and New Jersey. We offer delivery not only to New York, but to all 48 states in the United States. For wholesale printing solutions, contact us today.

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