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Perfect Binding Documents

Perfect binding is widely used for documents with many pages, such as magazines, book covers, catalogs or reference books. The process involves gluing pages to the spine with a strong, flexible adhesive. The other three sides are cut to create perfect edges. Documents associated with this method usually have a square spine and a thicker paper cover than the inside pages. Due to its low cost compared to some other connection methods, it is used to link different documents such as annual reports, corporate reports, catalogs, manuals and much more.

The advantages of a perfect connection

If you are looking for a professional binding solution, you are looking for nothing more than the perfect binding. Here are some other advantages:

The spine and cover can be printed and you can add more works of art and text to make your project stand out.
This method of binding also has a longer lifetime than some other binding methods, such as spiral binding.
This method is ideal for short-term projects and printing on demand.
The thickness of pages between sheets can vary and they can be used creatively to make your project even better.
The cost of perfect binding is also lower than with some other binding methods.

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