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Metallic Ink Printing

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Metal ink printing is a great way to highlight all the important elements of your print project, such as your logo, messages or headers. Metal inks contain fine reflective metal particles such as bronze, copper or aluminium and give a brilliant printing quality. When the paint dries, light is reflected from these particles, creating a metallic glow. These particles can even come in different colours, giving your print project a unique personality. Add a touch of elegance to your business cards, invitations, letterheads, folders, business reports and more with metallic printing.

There are several ways to incorporate metallic ink into your printing project:

Highlight logos, key elements or names on business cards, certificates, letterhead and other
can be used to print and sign on certificates, invitations or other
important documentsContontribute variable data elements with this inkMake the
inscriptions in presentation folders stand outImprimate
patterns and create unique designsAdd
elegance and luxury to your invitations.

Printing Manhattan offers printing with metallic ink. Our goal is to make the printing process for our customers as convenient as possible and without unnecessary inconvenience. With this in mind, our highly qualified and experienced staff is always ready to solve any printing problem you may have. We use only the latest technology and state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your printing project is completed to the highest standards. We offer same-day printing solutions to our clients in New York as well as Long Island and New Jersey clients.

Club brochures can be our specialty, but we also offer a range of other printing services such as banner, business card, brochure, catalogue printing, signage, package printing and much more. We even offer printing services such as die-cutting, firing, screen cleaning, stamping, laminating, binding, large format printing, variable data printing, postal services and graphic design support. We ship to all 48 continental states and offer wholesale prices for printing. Contact us today for information on metal ink printing solutions.

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