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Edge Painting Business Cards

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Edge Painting Effects

Edge painting is the process by which color is applied to the edges of leaves, cards, books or magazines. In experienced hands, this simple process can add a touch of luxury and elegance to your printing projects. Edges can be painted using one or more colors in different models to make your project even more appealing to the eyes.

The painting of the edges is done after all the printing has been done and the material has been cut to the desired size. The stack of printed material is then firmly and carefully held in the press and the ink is applied on it. Edge painting usually works very well with thicker cards, because the end result is simply better on them than on thinner cards. Darker or richer colors look better when using this process. The colorful edges certainly attract attention and help your project to be more appealing. Brilliant colors always add another interesting layer to anything. Get everyone’s attention and impress them when you print colored business card edges. Designers, photographers and other creative professionals will appreciate these elegant and unique color sides.

A strong card shows the strength of the brand

The extra thick material is the ideal choice for printing colorful edges on your business cards. It gives you the appearance of durability and high quality. With our fantastic selection of colors, finding the right shade to make your brand stand out is never a problem.

Edge Painting – Solid colors

Proudly display the colors of your brand or company. For a brighter color output, use a color that complements your card design. Choose blue, brown, orange, pink, red, turquoise, yellow.

Edge Painting – Metallic colors

Elegant, elegant or modern. The metal edge catches the light for extra sparkle. Choose from “Metal Blue”, “Metal Gold”, “Metal Green”, “Metal Hot Pink”, “Metal Orange”, “Metal Purple”, “Metal Yellow”.

Create a stronger brand. If your business has a color, print colored business cards to emphasize your brand color. Show off your creativity. A color strip on your business card adds an element of fun to your operations. It will also accentuate your imagination. Increase your visibility. Most business cards are almost all white. Draw attention to the pile with colored edges. Potential customers are likely to take their cards wherever you show them. The edges of the individual colored business cards will help you present yourself well to your prospects.

Download our business card templates to help you create an effective design. These business card templates will also help you to make your impression smoother.

Can I put my design on the front and back of my edge painted business card?

Yes, you can choose to have your design printed on the front only, but we offer maximum space and printing on both the front and back.

Do you accept non-standard orders?

If your preferred size is not available on our website, you can request a personalized quote here.

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