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Wire O Binding Services

Wire binding is a popular method of binding that is also known as wire o binding, or double loop binding. Like spiral binding, a C-shaped spine is inserted through the spine of the document, and then a thread is used to tighten the spine closest to the rounding. Wire binding gives your documents a slightly more sophisticated look than conventional spiral binding. It can contain a large number of pages, including those with different sizes in the form of tabs or index tabs. The binding is used in various products such as calendars, magazines, reports, workbooks, manuals and much more.

Advantages of wire binding

Wire binding has a number of advantages, apart from the fact that it looks more professional than a normal spiral binding:

– The ability to open fully allows for a full bleed print
– This is much stronger and stronger than the spiral binding method
– Documents can be easily connected using this method and without too much time
– Is ideal for short runs
– You can adjust the color of the spine according to your brand

Printing Manhattan offers wire o binding solutions in New York City. We believe in providing the highest quality service to our customers. With this in mind, we are constantly improving, introducing new technologies and modern equipment. We have a service team that is always ready to help and solve any request you may have regarding printing.

What is wire-o binding?

Wire-O bindings offer many of the same advantages as spiral bindings, but are more structured and durable in appearance. As such, they produce a very impressive looking document. In addition, it can accommodate pages and inserts of various thicknesses, including indexed dividers or tabs made of heavy cardboard.

The Wire-O binding method uses pre-formed pairs of wire loops that pass through the C block. These loops are inserted through perforated holes in the cover and pages of the book. The hinges are then tightened more closely until they form a perfect circle, thus securing the cover and pages as a whole, but allowing them to be freely unlocked.

Why you should bind your books & folders with wire-o binding

1) The pages can be opened 360 degrees. The book, bound with a wire, can be completely folded over itself and remain flat so that you can easily handle this task, taking up minimal space on your desk or desk. This makes Wire-O an excellent choice for reports, guides, cookbooks, music books, tutorials and service manuals. Atlases and guides are also often tied up by Wire-O because they are easier to manage during trips. And because they can be completely open, it prevents important information from being buried near the backbone of a book.

2) The pages are easily turned and stay in place. When you open a Wire-O page of bound books, they revolve around loops with very little resistance. So, unlike a perfectly bound or bound book, the Wire-O pages of a bound book have no spine tension. This allows the pages of a wire-bound book to stay in place without having to be constantly open to see the content, which is an ideal feature for a magazine, manual or workbook. In addition to books, wall calendars are often created with the Wire-O method of binding so that pages can be easily turned and the lack of spine tension allows them to hang on the wall.

3) They can contain a low or high number of pages. Wire-O hinges are available in different sizes to accommodate books of different thicknesses. The more pages of a book, the larger the diameter of the wire and the hinges should be for proper functioning and aesthetics. In addition to the natural silver metallic color, Wire-O lashings are also available in certain colored colors.

4) Works well with the index flaps. Since the Wire-O binding method allows pages to rotate freely and stay in place without having to keep them open manually, it is often the best choice for linked projects that require pages with tabs. Tabbed tabs are an ideal complement to any reference document, such as a report, presentation, tutorial, catalogue, etc. – because they allow the user to quickly find a specific page or topic. Often bookmarks are printed in different colors and/or digitally coded to make them even easier to use.

5) This is an easily accessible method of binding. Although not as easily accessible as spiral binding, Wire-O remains a popular book binding option, especially for shorter production cycles. Its popularity derives from the fact that it is a fairly simple process, requiring no adhesives, folded signatures or extensive training. In addition, metal hinges are often invented in various sizes and colors to complement a wide range of documents.

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