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During printing, special plates are used to lift a piece of paper in the form of a particular drawing. It gives your hospital a more elegant look. The three-dimensional effect it creates is striking and distinguishes it from the crowd. Embossing heads are usually made of copper or brass. It has an inverted image of the desired drawing. This matrix is then pressed against the media and a relief effect is created.
The stamping adds a touch of luxury and individuality to your stationary work. Elements such as texts, drawings or forms can be embossed. This is ideal for making important logos or details, such as the names on your stationary, more visible. The relief can be blind, which means that the paper just goes up. You can also add sheet metal or paint to give it a more luxurious look.
Embossing can work well with the following products:
– Business cards
– Folders
– Mailing Cards
– Invitations
– Certificates
Welcome Cards Print flyers in a hurry – We offer high quality engraving services. We use advanced technology and modern equipment to offer you affordable printing services. Our staff is highly experienced and ready to assist you with any of your printing and embossing needs.
At Printing Manhattan, we are constantly striving to improve ourselves. We strive to make your printing experience easier and less hassle. We offer the best support to each of our clients so that their experience with us is pleasant. Our printing experience includes brochures, brochures, business cards, banners, signage and much more. We also offer printing services such as screen printing, stencil printing, postal services and graphic design support. Contact us today to find out about your stationary printing needs in New York.

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