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Lamination is the technique of applying a transparent and thin layer of plastic or coating on a printed surface. It is usually used for media protection, but different lamination materials can also improve your printed design. Lamination can also be used to make the printed surface strong and rigid.
Flyer Printing offers:
coating: where the lacquer is applied to the surface and dries instantly with UV rays. This makes your printed surface more robust and gives it a more refined look.
Film lamination: when a thin plastic film is applied on a printing surface. It protects the surface and prolongs the life of your print project.
The choice of the type of lamination will often depend on the material you want to protect. Printing Manhattan will advise and guide you through each step to select the right look and lamination for your project.
There are many printed products that use lamination. Books, ID cards, invitations, restaurant menus, graphics, markers, training materials, price tags, POS displays, signs, hanging tags and more use lamination to improve your appearance and prolong your life.
At Printing Manhattan, we constantly strive to make printing easier and more convenient for our customers. Our highly qualified staff is always available to help you at every step and will guide you in making the best decisions. We use the most modern technologies and equipment and offer printing solutions at wholesale prices. We ensure that all the work that comes to us is done with materials of the highest quality and with special care to meet all the needs of our customers. We offer delivery to all 48 continental states. Contact us today for high quality rolling solutions in New York City and same-day collection for Long Island and New Jersey customers.

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