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Pantone Color Matching

You may have noticed that some of your printed materials may not be reproduced consistently. Some of the colors may become more blurred and non-impact, causing your drawings and works of art to lose their effect. This can happen when colors are not consistently reproduced by printers. To help solve this problem, a Pantone Comparison System was created.

Pantone color is a standardized color in the Pantone Matching System, a patented color comparison system used primarily in printing. A standardized color set ensures consistent color reproduction and accurate printing. They are assigned an alphanumeric code according to their properties and qualities. This is what enables printers and manufacturers to reproduce them so consistently.

CMYK vs Pantone
CMYK is another pattern used for color matching. He uses four colors: blue, purple, yellow and black. This is a widely used pattern and involves printing four images one by one to recreate the original image. This process, however, cannot recreate an accurate and consistent image, so the need for Pantone Matching has arisen. Here the colors are mixed according to pre-defined and published formulas. This system can create thousands of colors from basic colors, and since choosing the right color is a subjective matter, the pantone selection system works very well.

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