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Wheatpaste Posters

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Same Day Wheatpaste Posters Printing NYC

Also known as flying posters, wheatpaste posters are a popular and effective form of wild posting. Located in areas strategically selected, on walls, fences or poles, they draw the attention of passers-by and quickly showcase information about your next event, concert or promotion. A well done wild posting campaign using wheatpaste posters is informative, connects with people and saturates the eyeball traffic in your local area. It’s the perfect tool for your next marketing campaign.

With Printing Manhattan, you can choose from a variety of products and options for your wheatpaste posters, such as magnetic posters, stickers, cardboard posters, or bookmark pull-out posters. The most popular 24x36cm wheatpaste posters can be printed same day! Ask now and get your posters today! We print our wild poster products on both digital and offset presses, ensuring you the highest quality product at an affordable price. If you do not have your own design for your desired product, please contact our graphic design team and ask them to prepare unique advanced graphics for your project.

What is wild posting?

Also called fly-posting, wild posting consists of placing several posters together in a row/lineup across different places in the public sphere. They can be glued to any structure, wall, surface or post in areas of heavy pedestrian traffic. Wild posting messages give color to a gray, often concrete urban landscape. It’s a way to draw attention to your event or cool product, in a place where nothing else competes for people’s attention. Flyposting is also known as wild posting or account posting and is a guerilla marketing tactic where posters are posted. In the United States, these posters are also commonly called wheat paste posters because wheat paste is often used to glue the posters together. Posters are glued to the barricades of the construction site, building facades and alleys.

What is a wheatpaste poster?

Wheat paste (also known as flour paste, or just paste) is a liquid gel or glue made from wheat flour or starch and water. Since ancient times, it has been used for various decorative arts and crafts such as bookbinding, decoupage, collage and paper mache. In modern times it is used as a collage of paper posters and notices on walls. Just like wallpaper paste, you can make raw wheat flour paste by mixing roughly equal portions of flour and water and heating it until the mixture thickens. Wheatpaste for posters make the perfect combination for wild posting. It’s easy to make your own mix, sticks to almost every surface and is quick and easy to paint on with a brush.

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