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Are you trying to impress your customers? Why not select custom envelopes to print here on Printing Manhattan? Tailor-made envelopes play a key role in forming the customer’s first impression of your business! A well thought out envelope with a clearly identifiable and bold brand identity is the key to creating a lasting impression that can help retain customers and bring new references. Let them try!

There’s a lot to say about the ability to buy envelopes for your brand. By printing envelopes, you create dynamic marketing solutions that legitimize your business. The goal is not only to impress customers with your envelope design, but also to take them seriously. Direct mail marketing is also complemented by envelope printing – your printed envelopes will certainly stand out in a pile of blanks!

Attractive envelopes are great for branding and business correspondence – they will help your correspondence be seen! Make sure your newsletter looks professional with Printing Manhattan envelopes printed in bright colours on one of our stylish paper strips. Choose from white underwear, real light white, natural white, grey or light white. Would you like a nice printing envelope that makes people really want to open it? Order it now!

3 ways this medium is building his brand.

By bombing digital and physical media messages, customers live in an increasingly busy world – they don’t have time to interpret all these messages! It creates a communication challenge for any brand. Are you in business? It is crucial to make the most of every opportunity to break the noise!

When ordering envelopes for your direct mail campaign, you can count on unused properties in front of each envelope to increase your brand awareness, improve your response rates and increase the ROI of your postal production. Custom made envelopes with rich and vibrant colors can do a lot for your brand! You still don’t believe us? These are the four ways in which this carrier creates its brand:

They highlight their mail – being unique – is vital in today’s competitive environment. According to Microsoft Corp research, the human attention span is only 8 seconds, which means you have a few moments to capture the customer’s interest when you send them an email. Also, customers receive a lot of mail every day. According to the Data and Marketing Association, the volume of direct mail reached almost 149 billion pieces. That means you have to do everything you can to stand out. The graphics on your envelopes will help!
They talk more about your business than you think – the presentation of your letter, card or brochure is as important as the content. A specially selected envelope with unique graphics is an opportunity to leave a positive and lasting impression of your brand on customers or potential customers. Ordinary envelopes are easily forgotten, but envelopes printed with your business’ corporate identity in a convincing format allow each recipient to feel familiar with your brand.
A recent study showed that almost 70% of customers are more likely to open a decorated envelope with colored graphics and text than a normal envelope. This high response rate explains why color offers an excellent return on investment in direct mail campaigns. In fact, the study showed that color printed envelopes returned $1.59 by direct mail, which cost $1.15 to do. The empty envelopes returned only 75 cents for the money invested!
They talk directly to your customers – Envelopes also give you the ability to talk directly to the recipients of the mail using basic customer information such as your name. Even a simple personalized message like “George, we have incredible business for you!” can have a huge impact. In fact, a study conducted by InfoTrends showed that 84% of clients are more likely to open an email with a direct address if it is customized for them.
3 secrets to successful direct mail

Ensure the effectiveness of your communication tool by following these secrets to work successfully with direct e-mail:

Generate Suspense – Enable a message in front of an envelope that provokes the reader. Perhaps you could make a bold statement or ask a question. This will increase the chance that your important message will be opened and read, rather than thrown away.
Go Big or Go Home – Use large envelopes to distinguish the product from the standard size envelopes found in your customer’s mailbox. Size counts! In fact, “with 6.6%, large envelopes have the highest domestic response rate compared to other direct mail tools (followed by 5.7% postcards and 4.3% letter-size envelopes)”, according to Compu-Mail.
Get Graphic – Make sure the envelope design has the appropriate image, a fascinating photo or colorful graphics. Don’t forget that a painting is worth a thousand words.

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