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Die Cut Business Cards

  • Choose the size of your same day business cards

    Choose between 100 and 10000 prints of your business cards 

    All our same day business cards are printed on a 12pt. cardstock

    Your business cards will be ready the same day! 

    Choose whether you want to upload your own design or have us prepare a custom design for $50

    Your business cards will be ready the same day! 

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Afraid you’ll get lost in the shuffle? Never be afraid to cut cards here at Printing Manhattan. Cutting with a sharp blade is called a “cube” that cuts cards into various attractive shapes, our business card cutting gives you the creative freedom to stand out from all rectangular competition. Because sometimes simplicity is not just about cutting it. From rounded corn grains to printed custom turns, these cards are actually carved on top.

shuffling office drawers and ordering business cards with unique shapes that truly express your brand and business philosophy. What for?

When someone gives you a uniform card, you write it down. It’s almost impossible not to. They inspire comments and questions, while instantly letting people know that you see things differently. Your marketing tools have an important job to do, so make sure you create business cards that leave a lasting impression. Need some creative inspiration for your new maps? Printing Manhattan makes it easy to choose the style that speaks for you and your organization.

Die Cut business cards with rounded cornersImprove
your cards with the sophistication of rounded corners. You can choose from 7 paper types with the standard finish or high gloss UV coating option. This is a unique turn on in the classic business card form and helps your potential customers choose their card from the stack.

Die Cut Business Cards with a
are suitable for a wide range of industries and serve as a clever but subtle way to help distinguish your presentation. As this cut is a little thinner, it helps give your business a refined taste and attention to detail.

Semi-circle shaped business cards
and bold and sharp look give these
modern business
the same unique and innovative style as yours. This way fits naturally in your hand and embodies the creativity and strategic skills of your business. Choose from a wide variety of special papers and use our dynamic UV coating.

Leaf Design Die Cut Business CardsLeafs are
known to symbolise growth and prosperity – so what’s the best way for your business card? Whether the shape of the sheet directly represents your business or you are about to send a more symbolic message, a business card in the form of a carved sheet with a stamp will surely surprise and delight your potential customers. Upgrade to linen paper for earthy and natural texture suitable for sheet!

Oval and oval Die CutNada business cards suggest
that “thinking outside the box” is better than round and oval Die Cut business cards. Representing cyclical movement and infinity of time, it is impossible to make a mistake with round and oval business cards. These cards work particularly well with circular logos and offer a unique screen on which to draw your business card. Available in 2″ or 2.5″ or 2″ x 3.5″ oval shape.

Why choose a Die Cut business card instead of a standard rectangular shape?
Among the long list of reasons why business cards die to put you one step ahead of your competitors, they are usually the most important to our customers:

The difference in shape helps make your card stand out in the pile by interrupting the smooth wall at the edges of the card. Many people even prefer to keep their cards in a unique shape in front of the pile, which means your business will be in front and center when they need your products and services.
Die Cut business cards are also an opportunity to show your creative and communicative skills. By choosing a way that effectively shines on your brand image, you will show your potential customers that you know how to develop the strategy and make decisions that lead to success. The many different shapes that Printing Manhattan offers give you the freedom to choose the best screen to draw your card on.
The forms are symbolic. The circle causes cycling. The semicircle gives rise to thoughts of symmetry and creativity. The leaf symbolizes nature and new life. Whether conscious or subconscious, your potential customers will associate these symbols with your brand, elevating you even higher than your competitors.
The “Die Cut” business cards are the beginning of a conversation. Increase the height of the elevator on several floors when your potential customer completes their business card. This praise and the subsequent conversation may open even more doors for you.
You can break the standard business card distribution cycle, save them immediately and forget about them. Let’s be honest – many people in the business world accumulate a sufficient collection of standard, simple, white business cards throughout their careers. Give them something refreshing – something too special to throw away or throw into a dark box. Give them something memorable: a beautifully designed business card.

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  1. Mikejuju1
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    You do all 3 of my business products and each one is as awesome as the next!I tell everyone about you guys!

  2. deadlytiger1
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    These are great for expos and career fairs. Good quality and good price.

  3. ihelploserface
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    I tried this product after many years of posters mounted on foam core.The colors/surface of this product were a little dull but the detail was sharp.Because of windy conditions one of the posters dropped to the ground in my booth and entirely shattered the corner – it is quite brittle.Overall, a good product, and it is nice that I could print both sides for the same price.

  4. b777all
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    I am a graphic designer and love using Printing Manhattan to make my designs shine! Amazing quality, fast turn around and the best prices.

  5. saromon50
    United States
    Verified Buyer

    Our church is using these as hymnal bookmarks- we love the slim look.Members love them for quick reference when opening. We have one for each hymn.

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