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Custom T-Shirt (Short Sleeve)

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Custom T-Shirt Printing NYC

Wear it proud! At Printing Manhattan we offer custom T Shirt printing in NYC. T-shirts are a great way to advertise your business. T-shirts are also great for clubs, teams, schools and special events. T-shirt printing is done via silk screen and our craftsmanship and attention to detail is what gets you noticed. Our inks are vibrant and our T-shirts are of the highest quality in NYC. Don’t forget that we offer same day printing in NYC, so if you need your shirts in a hurry Printing Manhattan is here for all your T-shirt printing needs!

Screen printed t-shirts is a great way to spread the word. We fully customize your designs using the highest quality ink and t-shirts. Your choice of color is limitless. If you are interested in getting t-shirts give us a call or fill out our customized quote form here.

What is screen printing?

Screen printing is the process of transferring screen printing to a flat surface using a mesh, ink and scraper. Stencil printing is most often done on fabric and paper, but with the help of specialized inks you can also print on wood, metal, plastic and even glass. The main method is to create a stencil on a fine mesh and then push ink (or ink in the case of art and posters) to create a print of your drawing on the surface below it.

This process is sometimes called “silk-screen” or “stencil printing”, and although the printing process itself is always quite similar, the way you create a stencil can vary depending on the materials used. The different methods of silk-screen printing include:

– Using tape or vinyl to cover the required areas of the screen.
– Applying mesh stencil using “screen blockers” such as glue or varnish.
– Using a light-sensitive emulsion to create a stencil, which is then developed in a photo-like manner (see our step-by-step guide for details).

Only one or more ink tones can be used in a design made using stencil printing techniques. In the case of multicolor products, the colors should be applied in separate layers, using separate stencils for each ink.

Why do we use screen printing?

One of the reasons why stencil printing technology is so widely used is that it allows for vibrant colors even on darker fabrics. The ink or ink is also found in layers on the surface of the fabric or paper, giving the print a pleasant tactile quality.

The technique is also favored by allowing the printer to easily reproduce the design several times. Since the same stencil can be used to repeat the design over and over again, it is very useful to create several copies of the same piece of clothing or accessory. This makes stencil printing a very effective technique for creating large batches of individual clothing for sports teams or work uniforms.

By using professional equipment, an experienced printer can also create complex multicolored designs. Although the complexity of this process means that the number of colours that can be used by the printer is limited, it still allows for more intense coloring than is only possible with digital printing.

Will the inks run?

If your clothes have been properly printed by a trained technician using heat-treated erasable ink, the design should not wash out. To ensure color stability, the printer must be sure that the ink is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The correct temperature and drying time depend on the type of ink and fabric used, so the printer must follow the instructions given in the letter if you want to create a durable product that can be washed.

What is the difference between screen printing and digital printing?

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing uses a specialized fabric printer – a bit like an inkjet printer – to transfer the image directly onto the fabric. It differs from screen printing because a digital printer is used to transfer the image directly onto the fabric. As there is no stencil, you can apply several colors at once instead of in separate layers, which means this technique is often used to print complex or very colorful designs.

Unlike stencil printing, very little adjustment is required, which means that fingerprinting is a more economical option for printing small batches of clothing or individual items. And because it uses a computer image instead of a stencil, it is perfect for creating photographic or very detailed drawings. However, because colors are printed using CMYK style color dots instead of solid ink blocks, it does not provide the same color saturation as stencil printing. You also cannot create textured effects using a digital printer.

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