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Wild Posting Campaigns Are Taking Over Marketing

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Wild Posting Campaigns Are Taking Over Marketing

Like a stone through a window, this kind of out of home advertising (OOH advertising) is not new, but it is extremely effective. It’s been called lots of things like flyposting, bill and poster posting and wild posting, but the action is the exact same each time –  getting your posters up on walls in a public space and getting your message across. A fashion that traditionally guerrilla marketing companies have used for concerts is being used for countless businesses. Get your message seen in regions of people and visibility get a positive return on investment. Choose a wild posting poster marketing campaign today, with posters printed at Printing Manhattan. We even print your posters SAME DAY.

Is it Lawful?

We would never encourage any penalties to violate the law and not one of our clients have had troubles. Contact a dedicated OOH media firm for more information or to work with them on your project. While making certain that your services and products reach the people, we’re trying to add color to the walls of your city. Will property owners be annoyed? Probably. Can it cause the SWAT team to be called? Never.

Kinds of Wild Posting

Every street team marketer has a requirement that is different, so there is different kinds of wild posting to match those requirements. Dedicated barricades and poster boards on walls, hand-painted murals on walls and wheat-pasted posters – all have bang for buck. With wild posting posters you’re only limited by your creativity.

Groups it works for…

When you think of wild posting, most people would associate it with the music industry – bands, concerts and new albums are posted on walls all around your city for the past 50 years. More recently, video games, technology, fashion, in addition to the new food and drink brands are choosing wild posting as a marketing form for their campaigns. It’s a perfect way to reach a specific demographic as careful selection of wall placement guarantees the right target audience to see your posters.

Think big. Think instant impact. Think wild posting posters from Printing Manhattan.