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Blow them without blowing them with the Flex Frame signs, resistant to strong winds – up to 60 mph – that stand out with their unique impression with the same or different work of art on both sides. Flex Frame brands, also known as flexible frame springs, are the best friends of small businesses, especially for places prone to bad weather, as they are not only strong, but also printed in 10 mm thick corrugated plastic.

Advertise in your hearts without fear of heavy rain and strong winds causing havoc in your day with the Flex Frame sign printed on the sidewalk.

Small businesses should have a wide range of marketing tools at their disposal. The Flex Frame board, fully customizable, is an essential complement to traditional vinyl banners, brochures, postcards and menus. Weighing only 20 pounds, the custom Flex Frame brand can be placed in front of your store with minimal effort.

It’s in Details.

What makes the “Flex Frame” board so amazing? A lot! First let’s discuss the fact that it can withstand winds of up to 60 mph; now it’s incredible! This modern sidewalk lookout is built with a strong black metal powder coating with heavy springs that bounce off to defeat the wind of relentless attacks.

This stylish sidewalk plate has a convenient upper opening to slide a printed double-sided plate with identical or unique messages on both sides for full exposure. The signs are made of 10 mm thick corrugated plastic and printed according to your specifications.

With the adjustable “Flex Frame” board on the sidewalk, you never have to worry about the extra ballast because the coils allow it to jump back. Fortunately, you can say goodbye to the fact that you have to lift the floor sign every time the storm blows!

Companies served

Any small business will benefit from the use of the custom “Flex Frame” sign on the sidewalk. Situated at right angles, these signs will attract pedestrians from all sides who stop at your store to see what the noise is. Here are some of the companies that usually implement paving signs in their advertising campaign. Take a look at this:

Coffee shops, restaurants, bakeries – List your drinks and signature dishes. Offer free samples of your latest desserts. Advertise offers such as coffee, tea or a free soft drink with every meal you buy.

Car Wash – Advertise your special business for early or late birds. List your various services and specialties, such as hand washing machines or detailing.

Boutiques, gift shops – There is nothing like advertising seasonal sales, promoting new exclusive items or advertising free gifts with every purchase.

Halls, spas – Flex Frame signs are ideal to accommodate services such as haircut, coloring, manicure, pedicure and basic facial treatments.

Gymnasiums – If you want to increase the number of your customers during the winter months, use a special sidewalk sign to encourage people to join for part of the regular membership fee. You can also announce new physical education classes.

Real Estate Agencies – With so many real estate agencies in each city, advertising becomes mandatory! Flex Frame signs are needed to advertise your services from the sale of the house, renting an apartment to the ideal summer holidays in country houses.

Service Station – Today, your local service station has also become your shop. The side plates are a necessary tool to announce everything from oil changes to water boxes, cigarettes, coffee and donuts.

To exert an influence

As for advertising, the rule is usually “less – more”. If you want to attract a new client, you only have a limited period of time for this. In doing so, it is necessary to strike with a call to action that is relevant to the target consumer.

If you don’t use the customizable Flex Frame brand to list your products and services, you want to minimize words and use a fascinating image. Make sure that your CTA has a powerful word that will make passers-by act on your offer.

Below is a list of popular words that excite consumers to spend their hard-earned money. Look at them:

Using the word Free is the right way to attract new customers coming through your door. Whether it’s free samples, a free drink with dinner or a free manicure with every luxury pedicure, people will want to come and take advantage of your offers.

Did you know that the word “Why” is powerful for advertising your products and services? Next time you want to attract more pedestrians to your store, give passers-by a good reason to come in. “Come in for a facial rejuvenation because you’re worth it!”

The word “New” represents a new beginning, and who does not like this promise! For the consumer, including the word “Newis” is always a victory. Whether you are announcing a “new and improved” product or inviting diners out to dinner on a “new Tuscany-inspired balcony”, this simple word will close them off with the charm of being the first to experience what you have to offer.

Make the CTA as personal as possible. Using the word “you”, small businesses can address their target customer as an individual and make them feel special. An example would be: “An organic juice bar – we have what you want!”

We live in digital time, where instant satisfaction is king, so it only makes sense that we don’t want things tomorrow, but now. Using the word Now in a paving signalling message will greatly affect its effectiveness. “Now, for a limited time, buy one, get a free cotton Ts.”

From city streets to picturesque small towns, paving signs with the Flex Frame logo and the individual message are an integral part of your marketing strategy. Pay attention and increase pedestrian traffic by making an offer that pedestrians cannot refuse.

At Printing Manhattan our mission is to provide small businesses with the tools they need to succeed and remain competitive. Our line of Flex Frame custom road signs is a dynamic alternative to the sandwich panels of the past, in any climate.

To learn more about our Flex Frame brand, simply call 718-932-2700 and speak with an experienced member of our customer service team. We can also be contacted by e-mail to support@Printing Manhattan. We look forward to working with you.

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    I have always used regularly shaped business products. The square products are catching clients eyes better than any card I have had before! Hurray for square products!

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    Loved the product, except some of the products had strange imprints on them (from packing I assume). A few products had smudges on the edges or were damaged. But the majority looked good! The price can’t be beat!

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    Fabulous products – excellent service.Good quality and good packaging.

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    The products were exactly what I needed, glossy on the front and matte on the back. they were easy to set up and design. RushFlyerPrinting was the only place I found that could provide the product I wanted, and the fast turnaround time that I needed.

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